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A visitor immersed in Tokyo considers how the heavy set of implicit rules might take a toll on the individual psyche and mess with human instincts. The protagonists co-exist with fantasy characters and try to escape an uncanny reality.

Luis Grane Bio
Los Angeles based visual artist, born in Argentina.His murals and street art can be seen in Los Angeles, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Tokyo.
Known for his multimedia and design work, he did the production design of Alice in Wonderland for the Grand Rapids Ballet Company in 2017.
As part of his arts residency at the Tokyo Arts and Space in Japan he made the experimental video “Pachinko” (showing now in festivals all around the world) and a series of conceptual paintings depicting characters in the Tokyo metro.
Before moving to an independent visual artist career, Grane worked in the entertainment industry as an animator and designer for studios like Sony, DreamWorks, Warner Bros, Disney, Pixar, Aardman and Laika. In such films as Ratatouille (Academy Award winner for best animated feature) The Matrix, The Boxtrolls, Hotel Transylvania and SpiderMan 2 (Academy Award winner for Best Visual Effects) among others. Working with directors such as Sam Raimi, Richard Linklater, Robert Rodriguez and Santiago Segura.

He is currently working on a visual installation to be show in 2018 in Los Angeles among other projects.